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Snowflakes and other motifs

Different shapes for festive decoration of windows, building fronts, Christmas Tree and etc. Made of “Duralight“, fully prepared – you need to attaché them only and switch on.

NameUWColorSizeDynamic Price, Euro with VAT per
XM(CS)-2D-0008-36"-240V "bells"220V90Wred/yellow92х70сmno 39.10 piece
LED-XM(FR)-2D-CK012-240V-W LED "Snowflake" 220V12Wwhite60х52сmno 41.99 piece
LED-XM(FR)-2D-CK015-240V-B LED "Snowflake" 220V12Wblue61х50сmno 40.55 piece
LED-XM(FR)-2D-CK004-240V-B/W LED "Snowflake"220V12Wwhite/blue76х64сmno 57.92 piece
LED-XM-DG001-240V-B "Deer" motif220V-white119x72x18cm- 130.33 piece
XM(F)-2D-0035 "Angel" motif220V--61x43cmNo 36.20 piece
LED-SRM-6216-240V "Santa's Sledge"220V--1.5x3.32m- 434.43 piece