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LED trees and X'mas trees

Originally bright spiroid trees are made of light-emitting diodes “Duralight“. Products with light diodes are distinguished for their reliability, low energy consumption and durability.

Colours optional.

NameUWColorSizeDynamic Price, Euro with VAT per
LED-NDM-00115S6FT-B220V7,2WBlue180сmNo 56.48 piece
LED-NDM-00115S6FT-W220V7,2Wwhite180сmNo 68.06 piece
LED-NDM-00115S6FT-G220V7,2Wgreen180сmNo 73.85 piece
LED-LFB-4FT-12V-C-B/W12V-blue\white90x120cmYes 127.43 set
LED-LFB-6FT-12V-C-B/W12V-blue\white125x180cmyes 173.77 set