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With normal bulbs

„Play-light” is an illuminating curtain type decoration (the other name is “Rain of light”) that can be used for any objects: supermarkets, restaurants, windows and etc.

Not expensive and simple installation, it is enough to attaché it and switch on, and the decoration with bulbs will produce impressive light and attractive view!

Please select decorations of the most suitable size, colour and type from the wide assortment given below. To have an effect of changing light, the controller must be used.

The decoration is cold and moisture resistant.

NameUWColorSizeNo. of bulbs Price, Euro with VAT per
PLS-1925-1.5*2M-240V-(B/W)220V230Wdifferent2,2х1,5m475 46.33 piece
PLS-3725-3*2M-240V-(B/W)220V403Wdifferent2,2х3m925 66.61 piece
PLS-5725-6*2M-240V-(B/W)220V662Wdifferent2,2х6m1425 104.26 piece