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With LED bulbs

Light-emitting diodes “Play-light“ is a decoration illuminating with light diodes distinguished for its brighter illumination, durability and low energy consumption! “Play-light“ is a curtain type decoration (the rain of light), it may be used decoration can be used for any objects: supermarkets, restaurants, windows and etc.

Bright and simple to install, you need only to attach and switch on. The decoration with bubs creates a bright and attractive view!

NameUWColorSizeNo. of bulbs Price, Euro with VAT per
LED-PLS-3W-1924-2.4*1.5M-240V-(R/Y)220V19Wred, yellow2,2х1,5m475 86.60 piece
LED-PLS-3W-1924-2.4*1.5M-240V-B220V28Wblue2,2х1,5m475 86.60 piece
LED-PLS-3W-1924-2.4*1.5M-240V-(G/W)220V28Wgreen, white2,2х1,5m475 86.60 piece
LED-PLS-3W-3725-2.5*3M-240V-(R/Y)220V37Wred, yellow2,2х3m925 144.52 piece
LED-PLS-3W-3725-2.5*3M-240V-B220V56Wblue2,2х3m925 144.52 piece
LED-PLS-3W-3725-2.5*3M-240V-(G/W)220V56Wgreen, white2,2х3m925 144.52 piece
LED-PLS-3W-5725-2.5*6M-240V-(R/Y)220V57Wred, yellow2,2х6m1425 216.93 piece
LED-PLS-3W-5725-2.5*6M-240V-B220V86Wblue2,2х6m1425 216.93 piece
LED-PLS-3W-5725-2.5*6M-240V-(G/W)220V86Wgreen, white2,2х6m1425 216.93 piece
IL-RPL-80-2M-W/G Icicle Light220V-white, green2x0,2-0,6m80 17.38 set
IL-RPL-80-2M-WW Icicle Light220V-warm white2x0,2-0,6m80 18.83 set
IL-RPL-80-2M-R/Y Icicle Light220V-red, yellow2x0,2-0,6m80 15.93 set
IL-RPL-80-2M-B Icicle Light220V-blue2x0,2-0,6m80 17.38 set
IL-RPL-120-2M-W/G Icicle Light220V-white, green2x0,4-0,8m120 24.62 set
IL-RPL-120-2M-WW Icicle Light220V-warm white2x0,4-0,8m120 26.07 set
IL-RPL-120-2M-R/Y Icicle Light220V-red, yellow2x0,4-0,8m120 18.83 set
IL-RPL-120-2M-B Icicle Light220V-blue2x0,4-0,8m120 24.62 set