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For indoor use

Illuminating nets – an illuminating decoration, of net type, with miniature bulbs set in its nodes. Nice, not expensive and easy to use decoration-net (attach and switch on) creates a bright and attractive decoration of premises or windows (from inside)!

Nets may be of even light (Fixing) or volatile light (Chasing), with complemented and installed controller. Please select nets of suitable size, colour and type from the net assortment below.

NameUWColorSizeNo. of bulbsDynamicComplete set Price, Euro with VAT per
SNL-S-240V220V212Wwhite2,1х0,7m176no- 18.83 piece
SNL-C-240V220V212Wwhite2,1х0,7m176yescontroller 20.27 piece
D-SNL-C-240V-(R/B;R/G)220V212W2 colors (r/b;r/g)2,1х0,7m176yescontroller 21.72 piece
BI-SNL-406-240V-(R/B;R/G)220V243W2 colors (r/b;r/g)2,5х1,1m406yescontroller 30.41 piece