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With LED bulbs, for outdoor use

„Twinkle-light” is an illuminant decoration made of flexible cable with miniature light diodes.

This nice, not expensive, simple to use decoration is intended for illumination of premises and Christmas Trees and etc.

The light of this decoration is volatile (Chasing) and complemented with the installed controller.

NameUWColorLengthNo. of bulbsDynamicComplete set Price, Euro with VAT per
LED-TW-180-24V-(R;Y)24V19Wred, yellow5m180yesController, transformer 34.75 piece
LED-TW-180-24V-B24V19Wblue5m180yesController, transformer 36.2 piece
LED-TW-180-24V-G24V19Wgreen5m180yesController, transformer 56.48 piece
LED-TW-180-24V-W24V19Wwhite5m180yescontroller, transformer 57.92 piece
LED-TW-180-24V-M24V19Wmulti5m180yesController, transformer 39.10 piece