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"Rainbow Lights" garland

Light-emitting diode decoration “Vaivorykštė” (Rainbow) is an illuminating decoration of flexible cable with large (1,5 cm in diameter) round light emitting diodes, 60 units (for low voltage decoration) and 50 units (220V). Each such diode has RGB-system installed that creates the effect of changing light “Chameleonas” (Chameleon) without a controller!

This original, bright, durable, energy saving decoration is easy to install: just attach and switch on! T helps create a bright and attractive decoration of premises, windows or Christmas Tree and etc. Extremely stable and durable.

The decoration is complemented with the integrated transformer (low voltage) and is available both outside and inside.

220 V decorations may be connected in series up to 40 units.

NameUWLengthBulb spacingWater resistanceDynamicDiameter of LEDColor Price, Euro with VAT per
SDL-LNC-50F-R-220V220V10W7.5m15cmIP44yes2,2-3,3cmMulti, Chameleon 31.86 piece
SDL-LNA-XXL-50F-220V220V8W7,5m15cmIP44yes2,2cmMulti, Chameleon 28.96 piece