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A controller is a device that is a source of volatile light of «Duralight».

Every «Duralight» type is attributed special controllers that differ in the number of channels, program quantity and power.

Please note the marking of «Duralight» – and you may choose a required controller from the table below.

NameUWColorDiameterCuttingNo. of channels Price, Euro with VAT per
SL-401S(3DL) controller for DL-3W, DLB-3W up to 20m220V180W---2 8.40 piece
SL-402(5DL) controller for DL-5W up to 100m220V2200W---4 28.67 piece
SL-410E2A controller for LED DL(H)-3W up to 80m220V200W---2 11.30 piece
SL-202(3DL) controller220V2400W---2 14.20 piece