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With normal bulbs

«Duralight» is a flexible colourful plastic cable with set miniature bulbs.  

Classical «Duralight» version with bulbs.

Not expensive but beautiful and convenient product intended for decoration of buildings, windows or any other spaces!

It is available with even light (Fixing) or volatile light effect (Chasing) that is created with the help of a special controller.

You are free to choose «Duralight» of various diameters and colour both inside and outside; the product is cold and moisture resistant. 

Refer below for «Duralight» types and its technical characteristics.

NameUWColorDiameterCuttingNo. of channels Price, Euro with VAT per
DL-2W-90M-240V fixing220V16 W/mdifferent13mm1m2 0.73 meter
DL-3W-90M-240V chasing220V16 W/mdifferent13mm2m3 0.73 meter
ML-2W-90M-240V mini220V16 W/mdifferent9mm1m2 0.73 meter
DLB-3W-90M-240V bi-color220V16 W/mTwo differnt colors13mm1,26m3 0.73 meter
DL-5W-100-240V-M chasing220V16 W/mdifferent, multi16mm4m4 0.73 meter