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Star sky sets (fiber optic)

Optical fiber set “Žvaigždėtas dangus” (Starry sky) is an optical fiber system fully prepared for use and consisting of strands of different length (some versions have different supplementary heads) and light source.

There is a light filter in the light source and strands smoothly interchange. To use you need to  place the light source and attaché the strands.

This is a convenient, beautiful and easy to use system that allows creating an illusion of the starry sky on hanging or extensile ceiling. 

You may select a suitable type from the “Žvaigždėtas dangus” (Starry sky) assortment below.

NameUWDiameterNo. of stringsLength of string Price, Euro with VAT per
FRP-001220V4,5W0,75m1552m 115.85 set
FRP-002220V20W0,75mm1002m,3m,4m,5m 144.81 set