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Belt-light is a flexible plastic trail with E27 type bulb holders (light diodes or bulbs, optional) set with different and particular distance. It may be of a even light or volatile light when a special controller is used.

Belt-light is perfect for bright festive decoration of streets, bridges and illumination of cornices  and other object.

You may select a required „Belt-light“ type form the list below. Types differ in the number of channels (volatile light option), the level of moisture resistance and distance between bulb holders.

NameUW (bulbs)W (LEDs)Length of rollBulb spacing Price, Euro with VAT per
2BLR-50M-40CM-240V Steady, for outdoor use220V1250W/roll (normal bulbs)50W/roll (LED bulbs)50m40cm 4.70 meter
5BL-165-6 E27 Chasing, for indoor use220V3350W/roll (normal bulbs)340W/roll (LED bulbs)50m15cm 2.38 meter
5BLC-165-6 E27 Chasing, for outdoor use220V3350W/roll (normal bulbs)340W/ritinys (LED bulbs)50m15cm 4.17 meter