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Flat ribbon for outdoor use

A flexible light-emitting strip made of heightened illumination diodes with the light angle of 120 degrees.

The strip thickness is only 1-2 mm. Supplied in rolls of 5 meters, cut every 3 light-emitting diodes. The maximum length of series connection of 4 rolls (i.e. up to 20 m).

Available both inside and outside.

NameUWColorCuttingNo. of LEDsBeam angleBrightness Price, Euro with VAT per
BD-5050-30FС-1-R12V2W/7Wred3 LED30pcs/m120- 4.00 meter
BD-5050-30FС-1-Y12V2W/7Wyellow3 LED30pcs/m120- 4.00 meter
BD-5050-30FС-1-B12V2W/7Wblue3 LED30pcs/m120- 4.00 meter
BD-5050-30FС-1-W12V2W/7Wwhite3 LED30pcs/m120- 4.00 meter
BD-5050-30FС-1-G12V2W/7Wgreen3 LED30pcs/m120- 4.00 meter
BD-5050-30FС-1-RGB12V2W/7Wmulti, RGB3 LED33pcs/m120- 4.00 meter