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Our company is official dealer of, Neo-Neon on the territory of Lithuania, Baltic countries and EU!

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Samples of UAB Neo Sviesa and our partners work.

LED Neon Flex LN-FX-24V


Оформление ресторана "Старый мельник"

LED Neon Flex LN-FX-220V, LN-FX-24V

LED Neon Flex LN-FX-220V


Belt-Light 5BLC-E27,
Belt-Light «Lantern» RLBL-65,
Clip-Light LP-100-150, 


LED Neon Flex LN-FX-220V.


Play-Light PL-3725

Play-Light PL-5725, PL-3725, 
Twinkle-Light LED-TW-180-24V


Play-Light PL-5725,
Clip-Light LP-100-150, 

Play-Light PL-1925, 

Play-Light PL-3725,
Icicle Rope-Light IRL-0603, 
Fur-tree garland with bulbs PL-G


Belt-Light 2-BL,
LED Neon Flex LN-FX-220V,
Duralight DL-2W-90M,
Play-Light PL-9025,
Strobe SB


LED Neon Flex LN-FX , Duralight LED-DL-2W, strobe, Belt-Light 2BLR, Play-Light PL-9025

Play-Light PL-5725,
Clip-Light LP-100-150


LED Neon Flex LN-FX, Play-Light PL - 5725


Duralight LED-DL-2W


Duralight LED-DL-2W

Duralight LED-DL-2W


Duralight LED-DL-2W



Play-Light LED-PL-5725