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The illuminator “Fakelas“ (Torch) is a decorative illuminator imitating a true flame, fits perfectly for the supplement of any interior. Light silk strips are blown by the wind from the integrated ventilator. The flame effect is created with the help of halogen lamps and installed light filter.

Various models are available. The flame is absolutely harmless.

NameUWColorHeightSize of cup Price, Euro with VAT per
SL-0105220V40Wblack40смd=20см 27.51 piece
SL-0106220V40Wblack50смd=20см 27.51 piece
SL-0104220V60Wblack90смd=37см 79.65 piece
SL-0107-2 bra220V40Wblack30смd=20см 34.46 piece
SL-0107 bra220V40Wbronze30смd=20см 34.46 piece
SL-0107-3 bra220V40Wsilver30смd=20см 34.46 piece
SL-2606220V40Wblack35см d=20см 44.89 piece
SL-2604220V60Wblack50смd=37см 110.06 piece
SL-2605 torch220V40Wbrown160смd=20cv 79.65 piece