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Our company is official dealer of, Neo-Neon on the territory of Lithuania, Baltic countries and EU!

Low voltage 24V

Flexible Neon (led-neon-flex, ledneon, ice neon) is a unique product - a flexible luminous cable made according to the ultimate technologies of light-emitting diodes and it is actually an analogous of classical neon. The even light is analogous to the neon one. Easy preparation - you need only to attach it and connect directly to the 220 V power supply. When connecting the Flexible Neon of low voltage, an appropriate transformer must be used. This flexible light emitting cable is distinguished for its reliability, simple mounting, energy saving features and durability.


It fits perfectly for signboards, showcards, panels, window-dressing and illumination of premises in for special object shaping in particular where low voltage devices are necessary. The product is convenient to use in small constructions as it can be cut every 7-10 cm.

Light emitting durability is 80 000 hours, the maximum length of one cable connected in series is  50 meters. Available both outside and inside.

Price valid when ordering full box (50m.)

NameUWColorSizeCutting Price, Euro with VAT per
LNH-FX-50M-24V-R24V5,9W/mred14x27mm10cm 11,59EUR/m meter
LNH-FX-50M-24V-O24V9,5W/morange14x27mm10cm 11,59EUR/m meter
LNH-FX-50M-24V-Y24V4,72W/myellow14x27mm10cm 11,59EUR/m meter
LNH-FX-50M-24V-B24V4,72W/mblue14x27mm7,5cm 11,59EUR/m meter
LNH-FX-50M-24V-G24V4,72W/mgreen14x27mm7,5cm 15,93EUR/m meter
LNH-FX-50M-24V-W or WW24V4,72W/mwhite14x27mm7,5cm 15,93EUR/m meter