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With LED bulbs

„Clip-light“ is a special decoration for tree illumination. A flexible cable with tiny light diode may brightly enlighten any tree to attract attention and distinguished it from the others.

Light diode „Klip-light“ is distinguished for its heightened illumination, durability and low energy consumption. The decoration is a low voltage device and harmless to a tree. Supplied in rolls of different length and various set. The decoration is cold and moisture resistant.

NameUWColorLength of rollBulb spacing Price, Euro with VAT per
LED-CMLP-20M-15CM-12V-W12V32Wwhite20m15cm 40.55 set
LED-CMLP-20M-15CM-12V-R12V32Wred20m15cm 40.55 set
LED-CMLP-20M-15CM-12V-B12V32Wblue20m15cm 40.55 set
LED-CMLP-20M-15CM-12V-G12V32Wgreen20m15cm 40.55 set